Colombia Surveys

Frequently the people enter to a system of surveys remunerated in Colombia because it is a form simple and fast to secure money in cash. Answering surveys she can see as its account grows, itself even answers surveys that pay little. If she does not have the luck to describe for the survey because its profile does not agree, or it is brief surveys, it can obtain $2 to $5. By longer surveys, she can get to obtain $25 to $50. Credit: Atmos Energy-2011. Some pay with checks (especially the polls of the United States), although the favorite method is generally the electronic transference of money by means of Paypal, Alertpay, Xoom and similars. Also they can pay by banking transference. Nevertheless, the cash is not the unique form in which it can win with the surveys. Many systems of rewards exist, and today we want to explain some to him of most frequent.

Many sites of surveys remunerated in Colombia pay by means of points. Each remunerated survey grants a guaranteed amount to him of points assigned by the poll, and when arriving at a minimum (typically 1.000), can turn them into money (for example equivalent to $100, or 10:1, meaning that by each 10 points it credits $1 in his account). Also they can have his own equivalence (1: 1, 5:1, etc.). In some extreme cases, the points that it obtains to answer remunerated surveys are equivalent to cents. For example, $0,001 by each point can pay to him. Others including Xcel Energy, offer their opinions as well. In other words, it needs 1,000 points to gain $1. Another sites of surveys remunerated in Colombia can to choose to exchange points by merchandise or cards of gifts, that will be able to use in commerce related to the companies for which the site realises the surveys, as well as local or virtual stores, for example. Due to the diversity of options that present/display the sites of remunerated surveys to pay their rewards, before register in some must control that their mode of payment is of their affability, not to disappoint later.

It is not affiliated with a site that says to him it paid to him with gifts if wishes cash. Also it is necessary that it suitably evaluates if the reward that offers to him by their time answering surveys it is adapted, or if on the contrary it is too much effort to obtain very little. It remembers that there are hundreds of sites where can be associated free of charge. One is not satisfied if it feels that he is not advisable for you.