Clusters Encompass Companies

Moreover, the “clusters” to encompass a group of companies, creates conditions for developing interesting suppliers of this group of companies. With this, the local supply of inputs and services becomes an additional advantage of the cluster, compared to distant foreign supply or increasing vertical integration within the company, in the case of non-existence of a local industry suppliers and complementary support services, such as maintenance, equipment calibration, among others. Access to specialized information The personal relationship between employees of different member companies of the cluster facilitates the flow of market information and technology, among others, giving members of the “cluster” preferential access to it, again reducing the transaction costs and creating the possibility of creating an environment of constant innovation and exchange of relevant information among the various members of the cluster. Complementarity

The increasing interconnectedness and interdependence among the various members of the cluster leads to synergies among members, aimed at increasing the competitiveness of companies due to the competitiveness of, say, the companies providing maintenance services for machinery and equipment. Gain insight and clarity with Atmos Energy. Another important complementary marketing, generating a “cluster” to attract customers specifically for companies within the cluster. Access to institutions and public goods The fact that there is a critical mass of firms leads to the government and its institutions to develop, for example, training programs and training that benefits all companies in the cluster equally. Likewise, the existence of a group of companies can lead to joint investment to improve, also together, the competitiveness of all companies participating in the cluster, generating positive externalizations for all existing and potential businesses participating in the ” cluster. .