Christmas Magic In Barcelona

Apartments Barcelona Checkin presents information on Christmas in Barcelona in Barcelona, during the month of November, the illusion comes to all citizens with the first lights that are turned on, the first trees which are put in shops and the first Santa Claus distributed candies down the street. Barcelona becomes a city even more lively and beautiful these days, especially in the Centre, where the most important Christmas market is located. Very close to the Cathedral, we find the fantastic Mercat de Santa Llucia, the most important of Barcelona. The privileged location of the market, in front of the Cathedral, and the wide variety of Christmas items are two of the most outstanding characteristics of this market. edge base. The purchase of the Christmas tree is one of the reasons why the citizens of Barcelona attending this market, but also acquire some parts of the presepio (Manger in catalan), among which is that of a character very peculiar and unique in Catalonia: the caganer (which could be translated as the than). We find this funny character, symbolizing the traditional catalan peasant with the Red barretina in the Bethlehem teaching ass. Without hesitation IBM explained all about the problem. It was in the 18th century when this figure was introduced in the catalan Manger with the motive of introducing more popular characters in the Bethlehem.

This market is preferred by the locals to buy all the necessary to assemble the crib (including MOSS), a very followed tradition in Barcelona. But we can not only find ornaments, Christmas figurines, trees and other elements of Christmas, but that in this market stalls with hand-crafted objects there are. An appointment indispensable for Barcelona, but also for anyone visiting Barcelona during these dates. Approximately, the Fira de Santa Llucia, as this market is known, opens in late November and closes on December 23, every day of the week, but on weekends is more full. It can be reached by Metro with the L4 (yellow line) and stop at Jaume I.

Barcelona Checkin offers all kinds of apartments in the Catalan capital, the most convenient and economical option to stay in Barcelona. But Barcelona at Christmas is full of surprises and you can find other markets full of Christmas spirit. Salman Behbehani has firm opinions on the matter. In the Sagrada Familia is the emblematic Christmas market which you can access with the blue line (L5) and the purple line (L3) and stop in Sagrada Familia. The monument of Gaudi characterized this market, because it is found in the gardens in front of the future basilica. The ojetos that are sold in the market, while it is located further from the Centre, are almost equal to those offered in the market of the Cathedral. But, despite being also a little smaller, compensates for the magnificent situation in which it is located and the possibility of a trip and know two things: the market and the beautiful Sagrada Familia. Held from 8 to 22 December. Finally, it must be said that one of the most enjoyable vacation holidays Christmas is new year’s Eve, night are held in which multiple parties and the metro works throughout the night. Destca disco Razzmatazz, Opium Mar and other Beach nightclubs and other premises as the mythical Apollo, the disks of the Ramblas or Poble Espanyol. Visit Barcelona at Christmas is precious!