Carving Ski In Ski Tests

The Skikauf is for ordinary people a very difficult task. Questions such as … * What skis do I need? * Why this is so much more expensive skis? * What goes skiing on icy slopes best? are in space and are designed for the layman difficult to answer. During the consultation we will not just rely on the seller in the sports business, but we also used the Internet to research more and more. A good focal point for research are many sites which have held a ski test and report on them. Here you will find the best models that were reviewed by experts in their driving characteristics. These ski test, a series winner the carving skis from Atomic, which is able to demonstrate excellent handling characteristics and are available for cut turns. Just cut carving turns are the order and on. The carving has the traditional skiing, just like we did 10-15 years ago still completely superseded. The focus is, as already said, the "cutting" by turns. TheCornering on the edge – similar to snowboarding. An alternative to buying a new carving skis is the rent in a ski resort. For example, there are numerous ski resort Kitzbuhel sports shops, which rent out the current models but at a very reasonable price. You can ski them on a daily basis or weekly rentals. The advantage of this "lease" option is that you drive more current models, which are well maintained. Especially for those people who is very rarely get to enjoy the sport of skiing rental of skis in the ski resort itself is an excellent alternative.