Builtin Appliances Ariston KBT

How pleasant it is when everything in the house lies in its place, when and in the rooms and reigns in the kitchen clean and tidy. Especially in the kitchen. For even more analysis, hear from Salman Behbehani. Here, in addition to housekeeping connects another condition, without which no cooking is fun – it's High quality equipment, located at a comfortable height and exactly where it most convenient to use. In recent years, came to Russia from the West to establish a habit in the kitchen built-in appliances, which is very well fits into the overall kitchen interior and creates a special mood. The only disadvantage of built-in kitchen, except the high price is perhaps the need to remember where the closet, and where the fridge for a door hiding washing machine, and for what – dishwasher. But in general, the mistress of modern appliances are happy – the kitchen is transformed into a studio where they can create their masterpieces. Almost all home appliances can be integrated into kitchen cabinets.

The exception is perhaps that hobs and ovens. Designers have worked hard over modern hob and oven, so that they pleased the eye of even the most demanding mistresses. Cooking panel, has acquired many convenient features and capabilities. All sorts of buttons and displays to help the hostess to cook dinner and even supper for 12 people. All housewives are different, so the requirements for the appearance of art and different. Along with hob and oven with a "cosmic" design, manufacturers of household appliances produced for fans of retro technology under the antiquities.

oval glass door, returns to the beginning of last century, dimly gleaming copper and brass knob oven control knob on the panel, the transitions from dark to light, as if the old metal, thin enamel colors. A hobs are often stylized cast-iron wood-burning foci of 18-19 cc. Here, for the sake of purity of style "retro" has to forgo glowing displays and indicators on the control panel. Hobs are gas and electric are. In addition, they are divided into dependent and independent. Dependent hob can only work with an oven connected to it and have a common control panel. Of course, this is the product of one firm. And independent hobs are not necessarily located on oven. In this case, the oven can be connected in a very different place. Or not connected at all, if the owner is not necessary. An example of an independent hob is a product from Ariston kbt 6124 D ix. This electric cooker panel with four hot plates with dimensions of 60 by 51 cm kbt 6124 D ix is equipped with a control panel and touch-sensitive switches. There is a lock button of the surface, which is particularly appreciated by parents of young children. An indicator residual heat and protective shutdown. The average price in the shops in Moscow – about 11 thousand rubles.