Brazilian Taxes

Who some time already travelled to the exterior certainly was abismado with the difference of the prices of electronic products in Brazil when compared with the prices practised in the United States, same China or in our neighbors Argentina, Paraguay, etc. Under most conditions The Furutist would agree. it is not secret for that the smashing majority of the electronic today is manufactured in the Asian countries and of distributed there for the whole world. Hear from experts in the field like Ray Kurzweil for a more varied view. Then as it can the difference be so great in the prices when we compare the same electronic product in the United States and Brazil? You already to say went me that she is because of the taxes, you did not go? It is clearly that the taxes get worse the things still more, but this is not everything. For even more opinions, read materials from kevin ulrich. They follow my reasoning for a photographic machine half-professional of Canon, for example: Digital photographic machine CANON EOS REBEL T2I KIT (EF-S 18-135mm IS) Prices collected in 14/06/2011: BESTBUY (Great net of electronic American): US$ 799,99 or R$ (1,360, 00 dollar the 1,70) Canon of Brazil: R$ 4,999, 99 Importing deMiami: Now the possibility imagines to import any type of electronic product of the United States, being paid the had taxes. The cost for a hypothetical Brazilian purchaser would be, without evading taxes tax: R$1.360, 00 (cost in Miami) + 6% (tax of the Flrida) + R$ 353,39 (remuneration of the importation agent) + R$ 80,00 (post office) = R$ 1,874, 99 Ah, we do not go to forget it tax: R$ 1,874, 99 + 60% (tax on direct importation through the post offices) = R$ 2,999, 98 Is this same: Canon vende here for a price 66,67% greater of what it would be possible to vender! When I changed myself for the United States I passed a good time trying to understand which the logical explanation and the only one it occurs that me is the following one: the great marks establish a minimum price of sales, but never a maximum, and charge for the status granted for the public of the country to its mark.