Blodigo Plus Finder Hispanic Content from Blogs

At the end of January this year, he informed the departure of Blódico, a Hispanic memetracker which continues today in the blogosphere Hispanic across blogs more important, with his own ranking of blogs.

Many users have wanted to incorporate their blogs in this memetracker, most of them being discarded by various issues, which led to the birth of Blódigo Plus. This is a form of blogs on the contents of which are the authors of the blogs that add their sites to the list.

All these contents are taken into account by your system, which is dedicated to trace thousands of feeds daily, getting new content and classifying them as Gerardo Paul tells us through an e-mail we sent days ago.

If we want our blogs add to the list, we must simply fill out a simple form, and within 48 hours and our content will appear within search. The bad news is that we have very few categories to choose for our blogs. However, bear in mind that our blogs should be in Spanish and updated at least once a month.

We have different ways of accessing the contents of blogs, one of which the tag cloud that we cover, which will show us the hottest topics. We also have simple searches, where we can find all kinds of content, only photos or videos only, or advanced searches, where we set the filtering options.

When accessing the results, they will be sorted by relevance default, but we can also sort by dates, and also filtered by subject. Also in many cases receive links to similar searches and related labels, which will allow us to access and discover new content.

Personally, I may need to improve the relevancy of results, since some of the searches that I have not made their findings have convinced me. Perhaps a filtering results for a period of time to establish, or perhaps find a thematic content specifically for filtering specific blog might be some improvements to implement in the future. Anyway let’s give some time to see his evolution, because the truth is not bad pint