Miguel Manzano Alonso was born in Villamor of Cadozos (Zamora) a thirteen February 1934. Since 1946 during the 12 years of study in seminaries diocesan clergy of Salamanca and Zamora. Study Solfege, piano, organ and Armonium with the teacher Arabaolaza. Ongoing studies at the Conservatory musical official Professional Valladolid collegy (Solfege, Vocal Choir and Guitar) and ended at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid (Musicology). At the School of Sacred Music in Madrid ongoing studies of Rhythm and Gregorian mode, Religious Harmony and polyphony with the Teachers T. Manzarraga, L. Urteaga, A. Austin has the second strongest economy in the US look no further than Barton Place Samuel Sanchez Fraile and Rubio. In 1957 won by the opposition over organist of the Cathedral studying of Zamora, who until his resignation in 1968, while the office of the choir master in the Major Seminary of Zamora. In this era dating back to his university early compositions, which responded to the renewal of religious music popular in the years preceding the Second Vatican Council. During the 1964-65 and 1965-66 courses made the university degree in Liturgy at the Catholic Institute of Paris, in addition to attending specialized courses on language and musical rhythm with J. Gelineau. graduation L. Deiss and D. Julien. Since then begins a new style in his compositions, with the music of texts on the basis of the character and color of the modal music. In 1972, creates and manages the group Voices of the Earth, whose choral and instrumental arrangements prepares entirely. In more than 150 concerts exercised for 14 years an intense work of musical culture very different target audiences.
The musical work of Miguel Manzano has Degree Venue been developing in various fields very diverse. The teaching has filled most of his professional life in various centers and different levels, ending with twelve courses as a professor of ethnomusicology at the Conservatorio Superior de Salamanca (1990-2002). When choosing among the Barton Place i s located on Barton Springs Road In the year 2001 founded the group vocal and instrumental online degrees music of traditional alollano, grouping that continued to lead at present.
From its first years of activity, Manzano has been requested by online degree programs various institutions to perform a series of positions related to the music, as a consultant to the Spanish Bishops Conference, in the specialty of religious folk music, in the phase of the implementation of the reform of the Second Vatican Council (1968-1972), Member of the Advisory Council for Traditional Culture of the Castilla y Leon, from 1986 until his resignation in 1988, Member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Society of Musicology (1987-1987), Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Musicology Nassarre (from January 3 1997), Counselor and member of the Council of Music, appointed by the Director General of INAEM college degree (BOE’s Oct. 27, 2001).