– The mother of a teenage pirate captured by U.S. calls on Obama to release – was arrested a couple of 28 years for abusing his partner in Burgos – Silence is brutal – Iberia and its Oneworld partners breached competition rules – Demonstration in Madrid for Earth Day – in school CERVANTES the language is catalan, disregarding the article 2 de la Constitucion – First addiction and violence of a lifetime – What really needs to change Facebook – A lawyer of the families of the Yak calls for investigation to the “intellectual authors” – Beauties of the World – Quien cree are the accounts of the banks’ Born on May 7, 1967, and by his father’s work lives in various parts of the Mexican Republic. His father is a magician by hobby, so that childhood and adolescence of Javier is surrounded by professional magicians and illusionists what it takes to join the 16 years in the field of illusion Magica Cuernavaca, Morelos, place of residence by then .
Since then, the practice of magic and prestidigitation Up Close and continues to do so at present as a hobby.
In 1986, while enrolled in the second half of the career of communication sciences, and captivated by the theater workshop, he decided to leave everything and move to Mexico City to study Actor.
Graduated from the Academy of Silvy Derbez then took a specialization in resonators with Prof. Antonio Gonzalez Caballero.
Participates in some telenovelas with Televisa papers first and second parts (Quinceanera, Gloria Lane, Black List, Cuna de Lobos, Amor en Silencio, etc.).
Participates in the soap opera Violet, giving life to the XEW Gustavo Sulkin Radiopolis led by Ricardo Lezama.
From October 1987 to begin their attempts to enter the world of dubbing voices in series like The supersonic The Dinoplativolos, Fama, Dinastia, Crime Reporter, the Justiciero Miami Vice, Dallas, etc..
Get your first chance in the series Special Command (21 Jump Street), giving voice to peronaje Doug Penhall (Peter D ‘Louis). Soon after casting is a competitive choice to bend to Jerry O ‘Conell (Andrew Clemens) in the series My Secret Identity.
Melvin gave a voice to the elephant Chocokrispis in the competitions “The Kellogg’s’ business and from 1996 to 2001.
Internet TV in the side led by Carlos Segundo Mundoblaje Program, the world and stars the voice for Zoom TV, talk shows, follies and capsules on the dubbing of voices in Mexico.
Have a creative project in partnership with his friend, actor Carlos Segundo, Mundoblaje, AC In preparing new projects for TV and Radio. He has his own audio studio, it operates to record commercials and auditioned at home and send them via internet to their customers.
Today is the signature voice for radio station Web Cuanticaradio where he leads the program code without Barras, Tu point lace, and with Carlos Second Toonlandya the world and stars of voice.
In the narration of audio books directs and narrates several of them can be found at

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