Awareness Campaign against Noise

The cart vendors a headache diary to the residents of Trujillo It’s been a long time the Environmental Management Service Trujillo (SEGATO), being owned by the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo, has put launched an awareness campaign insurance against noise in our city, which if not taken seriously, their purpose intended fall on deaf ears as in many previous occasions has happened. Cabria discuss some forms of noise pollution are common in the city and the excessive use of horns by drivers of public transport and particularly that sound their horns at levels above those allowed direct assault on health in the population. This is how all day and all night we can hear the loud noise not only motor vehicles but also street vendors with powerful megaphones disturb the tranquility of the neighbors. And as if this were not enough, we should mention the bad example set by members of the Citizen Security in passing through the downtown streets and the periphery in its trucks and motorcycles for their horns and sirens activated at any time without worry that the citizens Trujillo have every right to its peaceful and restful hospital sleep to build up energy for another day of work. Countless people have repeatedly called the phone of the Municipal Police Unit receiving the response that make children so that “neighbors are watching to see that ‘, the pure style of the famous” wachimanes neighborhood. Sale it up here the music they put garbage trucks District Victor Larco when they are doing their work. Under the new rules of transit is forbidden the use and abuse of the horn above the police-type and you know the Public Safety is not the National Police. The PNP only, according to its regulations and manuals of functions, using their sirens when they go to an emergency. It’s good not to lose sight of the Municipal Ordinance N 008-2007-MPT relating to noise. Another bad example of the proliferation of noise in our city and what are fair traders who take powerful loudspeakers at their doors to promote their products. Similarly, many businesses of all item, including brand new department store music loud abuse both within their areas where they offer their goods, as in the main passageways. Deserves a separate comment locution offering promotions of the day, with a very high decibel volume, harmful to the human ear. In education and ecological studies reveal that the performance of students with similar characteristics intellectual, social, etcetera are reduced in classrooms with window to the Health insurance street (and therefore are exposed to noise from traffic) for interior classrooms . The pressure of the sound becomes harmful to about 75 dBA and painful approximately 120 dBA. It can cause death when it comes to 180 dBA. The tolerance limit recommended by the World Health Organization is 65 dBA. an innovative health insurance service company strives to offer affordable health insurance The ear needs something more than 16 hours of rest to compensate for 2 hours of exposure to 100 dB (noisy disco). Sounds over 120 dB (loud rock band or high volume in headphones) can damage cells sensitive to sound of inner ear causing hearing loss. Also worth pointing out the great noise produced by night clubs and recreation centers and receptions that do not have a setting with adequate acoustics are a constant cause of friction between the owners and neighbors of their environment.