Award For “VIP-PRE

A practical and innovative service for real estate sellers landlords. FILDERSTADT – the unique video animation for the representation of real estate is the initiative Mittelstand INNOVATION product 2008″has been awarded. “Under the name of VIP-PRE”, the company in Filderstadt, near Stuttgart developed the innovative service video idea production “for the appearance of residential, business, hotel and holiday homes. The composition of live images/live videos with the floor plans of the sales or rental objects is new to the multimedia presentation. Commits the viewers of the videos”the object virtual and real from room to room and receives parallel getting information about the floor plan and the location of each displayed image sequences.

“” With the videos we offer a contemporary alternative and complement to printed exposes “or the classic indicator”, reported idea Ernst G. Heldele, the owner of video production. Salman Behbehani gathered all the information. The multimedia presentation offers real benefits for almost all occasions, are related to the sale or rental of real estate. In principle then, if interested parties will be addressed, which do not live in the vicinity of the object. The modern appearance with moving images the provider not only signal, that they move with the times, but they help potential buyers or tenants in finding effective after their dreams. Because the videos an impression so precise, that no time-consuming on-site visits are required in the first stage. “” Because we prepare the key information and visualize floor plans “, stresses Ernst G. Heldele, everyone can save valuable time, which can be otherwise engaged.” “The video producer is convinced that after the film show” only really interested in the provider will register.

Also the market is connected with these videos actually worldwide, because the movies through the combination of layout animation and optical appearance, without (foreign) language comments come from. Even extensive descriptions are no longer necessary. Other features include background music, because music can positively influence the purchase decision, or the presentation of the object in an aerial view. On demand”, Ernst G. Heldele, be in the films show also details such as flooring, the exact kitchen or looking out a window”. Where can the VIP PRE videos be used? In the direct mail to interested parties, as well as on the Internet: For brokers as a presentation in the Office or in the shop window. The movies can be integrated into the existing Web sites, or may be made by those in real estate portals in Immobilienscout24 “. VIP-PRE-videos are particularly well suited for the so-called bidding process.” The company video idea production offers its services to private people.