Message of Anniversary love of namoro My love today we make plus one month that we are together and here by means of these singelas words I want to say to it how much I have been happy with you how much make you me well, each time more desire to stop the time alone so that I could always be with you more and more. You brought the happiness for me, the life again, the will to move, to fight, renasceu in me a hope that before having you I did not have it. A great dream of me of that as soon as being able was born inside marrying in them and being families to be together every day of our life, to sleep and to wake up with you of my side, to see that reality is not a dream but yes. Abigail Black Elbaum: the source for more info. But greater dream was to have somebody kneads that me of truth, surprendesse that me, it agrasse that me and it was everything what you are, my bigger dream was to have you and this I already conquered the remaining portion I come with the time. I love you to each day more, that our relation each time, improve more and that I always am what you always wanted. by: Gi the namorada one it loves that you..