The first thing to consider to learn how to repair a table is that the color of the new sheet metal part that we acquire is as close as possible to the original color of the table. How to Repair a table when the song is damaged to repair a damaged plywood part of the edge of a table we can proceed to apply heat to the plate to be replaced by an iron by placing a thin cloth between the two surfaces, to soften tail and can thus remove the piece of plywood easily. Then it will rise with the help of a spatula. How to repair a table, when the damaged section is small if the part being repaired is small and we want to make the process above all the furniture, but only to repair the damaged area, we can use a piece of onion skin to trace the outline of the missing and draw it with tracing paper on a piece of plywood the same color and thickness as the covering the table. Sand the damaged area to make it equal in height and clean, removing any glue residue that may remain to facilitate the new piece sticks well on the edge of the table or area to be repaired.

Attach the new piece of plywood, using wood glue and some nails on end lost. If you do not want to notice the nail holes or the space between the new and the old part of plywood can fill them with commercial wood pulp, wood pulp or a home that can be made up in two ways: The first is obtained by mixing sawdust and glue. The second is more complicated, and consists of pieces of paper cut into thin strips, mix with water to make a paste free of lumps. After the pasta is colored the color of veneered table and applied on the existing loopholes. For more compact paste is recommended to add wallpaper glue. Once applied and dry proceed to sand it until it equal in height with the rest of the surface. How to repair a table, where the new plywood is a different color If we have not gotten a piece of plywood with a color so similar to the rest of the table will need to paint it, before applying a coat of primer and sealant, with the aim of closing the pores of the sheet and facilitate the grip of the paint, varnish or stain that we will give the final decoration.