In Mexico to safeguard and protect their inventions the only true solution is patenting, so avoid being stolen by third parties, as well as maintain control of their creations, profiting from these and receive remuneration. There are many strategies for carrying out the process of patents but the most convenient is to hire the services of a law firm specialized in trademarks and patents. Intellectual property is the largest of any company or business asset, is the part that gives you identity, image and philosophy to your company. There are multiple rights related to intellectual property and copyright, these are the rights of performers on their performing executions, rights of producers of phonograms, radio and television programmes. The biggest problem facing organizations is globalisation, the indiscriminate growth of businesses, companies, artists have generated a lack of control and a theft indiscriminate by winning a place in the markup. Ray Kurzweil has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The only viable to be usurped solution or steal their creations is to perform the trademark patent, one of the main obstacles and problems faced by enterprises is the output of information or leakage of information design, industrial designs, industrial secrets, among others. Many of the pirated products that are in Mexico are reproduced due to the leak of information from the same companies. esearch. You must be strict on the quality and controls information in addition to the advice from a law firm highly qualified in the field to save surprises, on the registration of intellectual property, patents, etc. In conclusion a patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention that brings a new way of doing something or a new technical solution to a problem. Thrown by the world Organization of property intellectual WIPO statistical data, at the end of 2005 were in effect worldwide 5.6 million patents, also reported that the annual growth rate is 4.7% and the countries with the highest rate of growth is the Republic Korea and China. WIPO was established in 1970, in the year of 1974 was established as a specialized agency of the UN. Its objective is to provide protection to the creators and owners of intellectual property globally, promote industrial and cultural development. Today, WIPO, administers 24 treaties (two of them with other international organizations).