Not yet the propulsion of the vehicle was divulged, but what Hybrid4 is used today in the 3008 and the DS5, it is a 2,0 engine HDi diesel that it produces 163cv and an electric one that adds 37cv, resulting in 200cv of power. Ford Evos With the responsibility to present a new concept for the future generations, Ford Evos sera shown for the first time in Frankfurt and what it was divulged until the moment is that the vehicle will count on the hybrid technology plug-in, that makes with that the batteries of the electric engine are fed by the conventional electric net, needing only to connect the car in the taking. Peugeot HX1 the Peugeot waits to get success with the launching of the HX1 in the Hall of Frankfurt. With a Hybrid4 engine, this van 4×4 that it occupies six people, has its aerodynamics modified at the moment where it passes of 100km/h, when flaps jumps of the back, the laterals and the wheels, to favor in the air ticket for the vehicle. The automobile counts on an engine 2,2 the gasoline that makes 204cv added to others 95cv that they are produced by two electric engines, that possess an autonomy of 30km. The consumption average is of 31,5km/l. How much its measure, the vehicle possesss 4,95m of length, 1,99m of width and 1,37m of height.

Volkswagen Nils With a futurstico project for the great urban centers, the Nils of Volkswagen will be launched in Frankfurt. The automobile, manufactured with aluminum and weighing only 460kg, only possesss space for the driver and is equipped with an electric engine that produces 35cv and 13,2kgfm of torque. Supplied of ons and lithium, the batteries arrive its complete load in two hours.