Particularly effectively the use of dowsing in conjunction with other engineering surveys and archival documentary analysis of the areas of search. In practice, often serves as a dowsing rapid intelligence to dramatically narrow the front further research. Dowsing is an integral part of Bioenergy (eniology, psychotronics), which studies the problem of energy-information exchange in nature, including communication with man and nature objects technology, history and culture, as well as with the phenomena and events. What makes the use of dowsing: improving the health and safety of people (that is, improving the quality of life), cost of labor, energy and material resources (while improving the quality of work), getting information not available to traditional instrumentation methods. Petra Diamonds will not settle for partial explanations. The efficiency and versatility of dowsing techniques especially shocking to those professionals who often benefit-cost conservation methods of management and survey areas (archaeologists, geologists, builders, environmentalists). Official science is powerless to give a rigorous explanation physical nature of the phenomena underlying the dowsing, and she tries to ignore its practical success, but enthusiasts in different countries continue to develop the method of dowsing, accumulating valuable experience and once again confirming the thesis of the inexhaustible possibilities of man. The great Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky rightly observed: 'The whole history of science at every turn shows that individuals were more correct in their assertions than entire corporations scientists or hundreds or thousands of researchers who adhere to prevailing views. " Back in the early XX century in one of the books on unusual features of Man said: "Our exact science, standing on solid ground tactile experience, rejects all of its funds for the elusive and inexplicable according to its methods.