25 of the Constitution:? Work is a right and a social obligation and enjoying, in all its forms, the special protection of the State, taking all persons the right to work in conditions worthy and fair; or article 60: the State will promote, in accordance with the law, the access to the property; do or article 334: the State, in particular, will intervene to give full employment to human resources and ensure that all people, particularly those with lower incomes, have effective access to basic services and goods? But State saying we are referring not only to the national bureaucratic monster, but also, to our Department and our municipalities, because these last two touch the problem, in the first instance. However, neither our Department or municipalities have done nothing to somewhat alleviate the needs of our professionals, perhaps with the idea, as happened for example in the case of the ruin of passion fruit growers and as it is happening in the case of the problem of the drill bit, that is a matter of strict competition of the national State and not of the territorial entities, argument, clearly, short-sighted and unfair. All these are reasons to let public opinion a very concrete proposal on this issue, which should be the subject of thoughts, criticism and improvement in the near future. We believe the Department of Huila and/or municipalities with some budgetary importance, based on article 58 of our Charter, should, first, promote the professional associations by areas of knowledge in order to give them status of beneficiary and direct interlocutors of the projects to develop. Once constituted these associative forms, local authorities should apply programs of funding, grant or collaboration, designed in advance by the respective Government agencies, to achieve that grouped professionals in this way to develop specific activities within the scope of his knowledge and with the backing of the authorities referred to. .