Before presenting the project in society EFQM Let’s start is necessary that the management team that has made the decision to change takes into account a series of factors for MS project is born strong. The first thing you have to think there are reasons that will be exposed so that the need for a change is present in the minds of all. It’s analyze and put in writing in schematic form which are recurring problems that has the Organization and that can be the basis of a declaration of objectives assigned to the project. Is desirable that every problem, it worked by the team using the cause and effect scheme so that they can establish by consensus which are the main causes and effects that produces this problem in the Organization and thus begin to take action. With this ratio of problemas-causas – purposes, you can set a simple action plan that will result in one of the main challenges to get in the mood of the people: that this project will not be more roles, more bureaucracy. Having then prepared visually objectives, reasons, major problems we have declared the need to manage this change led by the management team, but supported by everyone.

This summarized it in a document that will form the basis of the exhibition that we make to the organization. The Mise en scene must work it well, since it will be an important factor, so everyone leaves convinced that something must be done. Once tackled the internal communication, is interesting to use all resources that provide us with ICTs, to communicate that our Organization to emprezado a draft EFQM, excellent management, always thinking in our customers and serve them better. The website, blogs, specialized directories, personal communications via email, events, news, Twitter, facebook… etc are the main resources that play on our behalf so that we have the maximum possible impact. The GuiadelCalidad team, has developed a roadmap completely online to create a structure of management in any organization. You can see the project methodology model EFQM. Doing so also numerous support tools have been developed if you go to our blog you can view the road map that we use to raise awareness of the project’s management taking the EFQM model as a map model is the intellectual property of the EFQM and its official representation in Spain the CEG holds