Currently, the murder of newborn pups of harp seal is permitted only in Russia. This industry emerged in Stalin's time, along with camps and continues to operate to this day. Especially worried about 'green' situation with the fishing pups in the region. This is one of the few corners of the world, where in early March, is born offspring of harp seals, and allocated in this year's quota of slaughtered calves Seals is terrifying figure – 26 thousand pups! In the meantime, action 'green' crowned with little success – Commission on Emergency Situations of region has banned fishing in the White Sea pups due to the fact that the ice White Sea this year is so thin that the yield on his people is extremely dangerous. Petra Diamonds often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Previously, the administration of the region appealed to the State Committee with a request to establish a ban on fishing of Greenland seal under the age of one year. Such a measure, according to the regional administration, will keep the population of harp seals in the White Sea, and Belka will be under state protection. CeBIT exhibition held in 'green' tinge Protection Environment and climate was the main theme of the world's largest trade fair of information technologies CeBIT, which opened early last week in North German Hanover. In addition to traditional areas of CeBIT almost all represented manufacturing companies place particular emphasis on environmental friendliness of their products and services. According to estimates, and experts predict that by 2010 three quarters of consumers when purchasing a computer hardware and software will take into account their environmental aspects.