Captain Silver was demoralized, but he masks he did not leave it to fall and he allowed that I and my team embarked for the treinos, to only avenge itself later. After to embark, I grouped my team in the load compartment 11, in order to inquire the state of the suits supplied the groups of the training, and observed that they were old suits and in pssimo been, almost impracticable for use, readily I started to fix the suits together with Arthur and Erik, while it protected the door Well, I ordered Jack to place explosives for all the ship, without nobody perceived. Meanwhile, Arthur obtained to invade the system of security of the ship and he became in them invisible for the cameras and he placed in them in the command of the audio system of and video of the ship. I all removed the extra material that brought hidden in my suit and initiates the repairs of the suits that we had available, raising its levels of energy and offensive and defensive capacity, it was when Arthur and Erik had asked to me as my suit obtained to resist the detonation of the captain and of it did not resist mine, it was when I explained what it is force and pressure. That it does not advance to apply a great force in a great area, because the damages will be minimum, however, if to apply the same force in a small area, the damages will be well extensive, and were this that occurred, I were inside of a plasma ray very great that was not focado in me, that is, the detonation reached the soil, and not it me. No longer mine in case that, I concentrated almost all energy of my suit, the point to activate the energy auxiliary, to attack of a time alone, in an only point, where if he finds the point weak of the armor of the captain, since I myself I projected the model of the suit of it, although to be modified, still wise person which age the weak point of model ST-511, cofabricado for the StarTec, without counting, that the suit I medicate is stronger and resistant that the too much suits, already that the doctors need to arrive in the combatants wounded, going then the fire line, for saved them; I had made alterations in mine, as of custom.