Solar Radiation

Films are single-layer light-transforming – a bluish or reddish color, and three-layer (with the effect of the bubbles), two-color (red on one side, on the other – in blue). Max Schireson does not necessarily agree. The advantages of such products should include increased durability – life can up to four seasons. Colored light-transforming the film – a novelty on our market. Their distinguishing feature – a special additive, which convert solar radiation spectrum (ultraviolet radiation passes into the useful for plants infrared). This coating helps to intensify the process of photosynthesis, growth of plants, protection from frost and heat.

Suitable for different regions of different types of light-transforming films. The film, intended for southern regions, should be protected from excessive UV radiation and consist of an increased content of UV converters. In turn, the "northern option" of the film contains phosphors that enhance indirect lighting. Under such a film even on a cloudy day is enough light for good plant growth. Light-transforming the film used in the same way as their conventional counterparts. They cover the greenhouses, pull on the arc, shelter beds. Air bubble film consists of three layers of polyethylene food, the total thickness is less than 150 microns, which provides sufficient light transmittance of the film. Between the layers is hermetically sealed bubble of dry air, thus achieving the effect of air blankets, and accordingly – high heat shield (20-30 times higher than that of single-wall covering materials). Air bubble film has high mechanical strength and includes a phosphor additives that increase the solar radiation in the range, which is necessary to plants.