Satellite Internet Tricolor

Tricolor TV gives its subscribers a 12-month Internet: Tricolor TV has launched a new satellite project, everyone who bought a new receiver tricolor tv GS-8300, can enjoy high-speed Internet access free of charge until the end of 2010 For access to the Internet all you have to just connect the computer to the receiver via a special Tricolor TV satellite modem that comes Tricolor. The new satellite TV package does not require a tricolor or reconfiguring manual update, just install and configure sptunikovuyu antenna and connect the receiver to the antenna. Tricolor TV offers you the latest news tricolor: All who renew Tricolor in 2010 may enjoy high-speed Internet Tricolor TV for free only until the end of 2010 at the rate of web-free. The choice of satellite internet service provider chosen by the user of the service providers GPRS-connection, it can be any cellular operator acting in the place of installation of satellite antennas. coming down Internet traffic is charged according to chosen mobile operator. The service activation "Tricolor-Internet" as well as the connection installing and configuring the satellite receiver you will tricolor tv installers satellite television company TV Scart. Installation of satellite dishes for the residents of St. Petersburg and Leningrad by the Oblates seven days a week.

Seven days you can buy Tricolor TV NTV + plus in our kompanii.Nastroyka and connection of satellite dishes is about the order of twenty minut.Sputnikovye antenna is the right decision, because satellite TV shows are always digital image quality .. Sale of satellite receivers and satellite dish for us is not just a job. The choice of antenna very pleasant experience and we are always pleased when our customers can found on our website exactly what they wanted to teach them dear people. That's why we tried to create a wide range of antennas so that you can satisfy every whim of those who are going to buy a satellite antenna. Enjoy watching the ladies and gentlemen.