Runet Internet

On the creation of the site is already written quite a few articles and they all advised their readers to make intuitive interface, to present good person, do not obtrusive elements on the site, only focus on the most important and well on. But far more important than what he, the user, focusing on which are written all of these recommendations. Yes, and a list of recommendations and their contents are virtually identical from year to year, but the user is changing. So changed is the average age of Russian-speaking Internet users, and their level of familiarity with the computer, and the structure of the Internet, in general, also rose. Thus, the current Internet user who visits a tens and even hundreds of sites daily, viewing megabytes of pictures and text reads kilometers.

Compared with past years it has become a lot more to read, much more to enjoy not only the search systems, and integrated local search site, go to more resources than ever before, and the purpose of his visit is more specific information, for which he is ready to go deeper into the site as much as needed. That offer the new active and technically competent user Runet? Can offer everything, and that's what interested him – the big question. Never forget about the existence of many competitors, the number of which is constantly growing, in fact with them and fighting for the visitors. Hence our objectives are – to build a site better, to make quality.