RAM System

Many want to improve the performance of your computer, but do not know how to do it. Everybody wants one – to improve performance. Nevertheless, the goals may be different: the installation of a new operating system installation of new programs or new games. Let's see how all the same "drive" your computer? It is important first to understand what it means to "overclock" your computer. Suppose you want to run on your computer, a task, for example, play toy, but your computer is old and can not cope with the task. As a result, you find additional capacity to your computer, using it, increase the power machines and playing games in which they wanted.

This is the "acceleration" of the computer. It is important to know, not all computers have the ability to "acceleration". As you know, to increase computer performance can be due to certain manipulation of three major components of the system unit CPU, RAM and video card. Each of these devices calibrated so as to stably operate in conjunction with other details. But each of these components has many settings, changing that can affect system performance. It is important here not to go face as You can screw up your computer .. If you talk to people overclocking the computer, they will tell you many stories about how they burned down one or another component. Individual computer components are burned due to overheating, since with increasing power and increasing pressure on system components, and standard coolers can not cope with cooling.