Purification Through Fasting: Meaningful Or Humbug

Purification through fasting: Meaningful or humbug In connection with the fasting always covered the concepts of detoxification and purification, and in many magazines you can read promising things. Articles and books have plenty to purify and all will be warned about poisons, slags and residues in the body. Some doctors and nutrition experts to make just about the term “slag” funny – less of the toxins that accumulate in the body, we are for the long a fact. What has this to do with the slag about First you should note that free our whole organism in every second of stoffwechselschdlichen monitoring and final products, as well as modified and “funktionsschwachen” body’s own proteins. These waste products are popularly known as “slag” and the process of disposal consistently called “purification”. If you see it with targeted support, such as during fasting, may also be of a “detox”speak. Because the aspects of the acidity (acidosis) also play a role, some also combine that with an acidosis therapy. In the meantime, however, knows what it is biochemically in the detox: For example, proteins degraded with too many sugar residues, which can seriously hinder the metabolism. Above all, to be formed any new during Lent. This can be released (deposited in the connective tissues and minerals due to the better supply of oxygen in the cells deposited metabolites =) purification. The altered proteins paralyze the connective tissue of the body, which also serves as an information network, because it is associated with nerve endings. If they are gradually removed during fasting, the connective tissue “cleaned”, but improve as well as the transmission of nerve impulses, the process will in turn detoxify many call “. A very special role in this event played by the intestine. First, the passage of intestinal contents is getting harderwhich creates indigestion. Second, the villi are prevented from duties, and the digested food and nutrient withdrawn. Therefore, the selective bowel cleansing while fasting to purify plays such an important role. By increasing burdens of the organism with various toxins and chemical compounds that did not exist 30 years ago, was fasting in the 21 Century are modified by advanced strategies, so that these aspects are taken into account. Read more about this under-www.gesund heilfasten.de