Projection Screens

some concepts to keep in mind. For example: which is resolution? What is Ansi Lumenes? etc. A Video projector, has the advantage that it is substantially cheaper than plasma screens and LCD screens, with the great advantage that we can choose size from 50 up to 200 i.e. up to 4 m. Wide as q does not happen with the tvs plasma. In order that our customers have the right information when choosing a projection screen for your home, Office or center of training etc.

Is that we allow us to write this article since we receive inquiries on a daily basis on this issue, we will give some suggestions that will help the correct choice of projection screens, without going into technicalities that will only cause confusion in the party concerned. That types of projection screens want? We must first take into account q type of screen we want: these 3 types are the most widely used MANUAL ROLLABLE screen (retractable) screen electric motorized either with a wall button and/or a remote control. MOBILE display q in this case would be with TRIPOD. Here some points to keep in mind the first 2 options (screen retractable Manual for ceiling or wall, powered by push-button or remote control electric screen.) Points for and against the screens of projection screens retractable point in favor of a retractable manual wall or ceiling projection screens: allows to maintain the aesthetics of the room where you are, when not in use. To be rollable, within their support, not dirty or contaminated and this always free of dust. It is much more economic than a power. Installs in a few minutes. Point against a retractable manual wall or ceiling projection screens: it is not easy to move to other places to be manipulated, you can run the risk of bad formations.