Or a manual

Or a manual for Dummies social demagoguery because it costs us many citizens understand what they want to sell when we talk about Social policy . At the end of the one has a hard time when we have clarified some useless ministries such as Housing and Equal, and others merely clumsy as Foreign Development or giving it enough to fuel a new anthology of Absurdity of Spain ZP.Now is the Ministry of Culture which is in addition to this anthology of Disparate increasing their involvement in the film industry while our government denies any involvement in the economy to save businesses and families in distress. Returning to what Social policy , This same concept ZP seems to consist in having the political ability What others would call lack of scruples, refuse to intervene to help businesses and families impoverished or devastated by the crisis and simultaneously pour into further hitch up the big builders and artists and intellectuals support the regime.And is that the government feels no shame to continue boasting Social policy while in the midst of the worst crisis of the last seven decades leaves the unemployed and families hurriedly condemned to be devoured by a voracious banking more than ever because you need to satisfy their need for liquidity. Within the coded language socialist most just do not understand Spanish, our president assured us that the Spanish economy plays in the Champions League. We see that ZP is more to football than the economy. Who plays in the Champions League is not our economy, Mr. President, but the powerful elite who have managed to come close and win the favor of his government.