Never Overthrown Evolution

Life always, follows a different course to stop us to look back we realize that things change, change, evolve so long ago, that does not take a second light that surrounded me several years ago that I’ve left the greatness of my soul would like to return or be able to evolve to see yesterday and give me account yesterday is still today that yesterdayI was so grandiose as Arturo, Ricardo King or Solomon En mi imperio unleashed the greatness of my being, there was no nobody more only me any was be terrestrial equaled what has been achieved by my faith Gladiators, potters, Dukes and royalty admired Me alike make No mistake I do not cling to my past or ask to return to it is just a dreama simple reminder to deter this sad reality where I do not exist where only a little subsisto already not alive but survive crumbs falling am desmoronandome live of little fame that is still in my because those who saw my greatness, yet respect me have the stories of my achievements incredible, as Fables things that seem impossible and that will help Me see with sadness for leaving them alone and not be able to defend am sitting between my legs at the bottom of my darkness Consternado for wanting my people save waiting for that story of my deeds last be counted with disdain to die in peace and finally be able to decanzar say that life always changes and we must change with it are not the strong who survive, neither large nor rapidos, but those who adapt themselves must adapt to survive, now my life changed and I have not been able to evolve and follow this asi passeth not history but as one more and soon morire but yet still there is hope that light emanating into my days of greatness, not quite disappeared No murio adapted refugee in the depths of my heart just wait reset to reappear emanate in my and Once again become so large that they are against my only hope that not late much that does not out way too late that I pray to God the only King mas Grande que Yo by: original author and source of the article