Modern Age

Having beginning in Italy. The Renaissance can be considered as a landmark of the beginning of the Modern Age, a time that reflects the development of a new life and a new mentality, tied with the ascension of the city and the bourgeoisie. It was in the Italian cities that this new culture if developed, mercantile cities since the Cruzades, that turn the birth a on social class the commerce. The urban life, by itself, implied the establishment of new forms of social relationship, different of those established in the feudal world. They add this the necessity to justify the commerce and the concern with the attainment of the profit, mentality to it condemned for the Church Catholic. (RECCO 2008) Other factors had become important for the sprouting and the development of this movement, as the improvement of the press, the decline of Constantinopla and the practical one of the patronage.

The cultural Renaissance was the retaken one of the classic, greco-roman values, but if it does not have to consider it a copy, for the fact of the values to be similar and not them ideas. The revalorizadas characteristics had been the rationalism, the antropocentrismo, the individualism, the hedonism, the naturalismo and the optimism. It was a movement of consecration of the man. As much the old Greek as the modern man searched to unmask and to understand the origin of the man, however they had conquered different conclusions. Both were worried in establishing the understanding of the world of rational form, however they visualized the world of different forms. (RECCO 2008). The transistion of the feudalismo for the capitalism, an ample process that, beyond the economic field and politician, also was modifying values, ideas, art and technology of the European society. More confident in its forces and possibilities, the man left of looking in such a way for high, in search of God, starting giving to value itself exactly.