Manufacturers Phone

As the popularity of senior phones -is, manufacturers have more and more senior cell phones the market In the shadow of the high-gloss brochures of the mobile network operator and the multimedia feature orgies of the manufacturers a more, largely unobserved genus of mobile phones has grown in recent times: the senior mobile. The senior mobile defines itself does not have as much accessories or features, but features such as ease of use, loud ring tones, compatibility with hearing aids and easy to reach and operate emergency call key. The target group are here older people who nowadays in contrast to earlier often alone live, or are still active and are traveling regularly. That help can be called in case of emergency, or for the phone to ring so loud, you can hear it says here in the foreground. About 20 million pensioners are currently living in Germany, so that the target group for the manufacturer is interesting. Interesting, because they do not hypertrophied market of young people as opposed to the still is partially accessible. For some, the senior mobile is the first mobile phone.

Technically senior cell phones are not much different than normal phones too. In contrast to the modern multimedia phones, which have many often unused things in there like camera, movie player, GPS navigation device etc. confined a senior Mobile Essentials: telephoning. Only this, that reliably. A senior cell phone has a large, strong contrast, readable even under Sun screen, large rubber keys and a SOS button (usually with any number, such as children or caregivers, programmable). Often, it is constructed on hearing aid compatibility, and offers useful features such as wake-up alarms, which can among other things reminiscent of tablet or doctor’s appointments. To avoid complicated operation of a phone book, usually three to five quick dial buttons exist, which can be freely taken.