Leipzig Headset

Organized working with simultaneous TK devices extends the service – and service centre GmbH for communication systems Leipzig its portfolio of head set switches. HUA is universal the new switch in the range of corded and cordless headset telephone communication. The semi-automatic switch finds optimal usage where an operator with a headset manages up to 3 communication systems or telephones in situations. Develops and optimizes the switch was specifically designed for use in monitoring stations-MRP areas. The universality of the switch support all existing on the market head interface set, such as for example DHSG, AEI MSH. In addition, wireless telecommunication systems, as well as analog EHS phone devices can be incorporated.

All corded or cordless headset with push-to-talk buttons are compatible with this system. Recommendation is the cordless and professional DECT headset from Plantronics CA12CD this in a modified version. A detailed list of compatible headsets can at the following address be obtained: HUA_Universal_final.pdf the functionality of the HUA universal is the separate circuit of three individual communication directions on a cordless head set system. Direction selection is made on an external remote control panel and by using a short pressing of the button”the PTT button on the handset, the telephone system is remotely. It calls on the relevant TK systems can run thus starting from just a headset.

The blemish function is important in addition to the call acceptance and termination. This function can toggle between the telecommunications equipment in ongoing talks and be turned on here. A timing sequence of individual directions avoids a direct linking of the systems, so malfunctions during use of different telecommunications systems are effectively avoided. The active direction will be shown with continuous signal at the control panel. The resting position (disconnection of the directions) using long button press”on the handset. (Console) the current direction by means of a LED indicator, is universal on the top of the HUA duration-bright, displayed. The LED displays are automatically adapted to the conditions of the environment in their intensity. The remote control panel ABF 235 with high-quality membrane control buttons and a Modularsteckverbindung controls the switch via integrated opto-isolator to prevent interference with extension cable.