Hair Removal Techniques

But never use wax if there is no choice but the hair is removed with tweezers, since being a sensitive area must be more cautious. As for the male breast, use hot wax because the hair is much thicker. – Legs: We may use both the wax warm, hot or cold. If you choose the warm wax must be borne in mind that if your hair is strong or hard it will be more painful and less effective, the application will not be lasting. If cold wax is more painful because there is no dilation of the hair, if hair is strong and hard produce more pain and less effective.

These two waxes have similar characteristics. Other hair removal methods used in the legs will be the progressive methods such as electric or infrared sensors. – Armpits: You should hot wax epilation this area for the reasons previously said about this type of wax. As cold waxes are not suitable for body area due to its sensitivity. Compared with the legs, electric hair removal in this area offers very good results but on few occasions.

According to the characteristics of the client can differentiate between: – Man: His hair is usually usually thick, hard, long and with a great deal more than women. As for the area we can mention the shaving legs, underarms, neckline … The method used for shaving legs and armpits due to the type of hair will be the hot wax (explained above), as the neckline can be applied hot wax or if the client wants to apply the laser or pulsed light. – Women: the very old. His hair is usually thin and usually low. Keep in mind that may have flabby areas and vascular disorders, so when the hair removal method chosen will be the hot wax because it helps us to easy removal of hair. As for the area to be waxed legs can name, English, armpits … More caution when pulling the wax. At the time of application and pull it must know that the skin has to be totally smooth to not cause damage. – Women: Young. His hair is usually usually thin or thick (depending on the genetics of the client). They have more amount of hair that elderly women but not in areas showing normal vascular disorders or sagging. Therefore, use more variety when choosing the right wax or other hair removal as waxes cold, warm and hot (the latter is best suited for professional beauticians). Other methods used are the laser power and light pressed. The latter method gives a mixed light composed of many types of photons (polychromatic), this light weakens the hair but not eliminate it. I hope this rather detailed information helped you a lot, to know more about this great topic, visit: