Franz Bohm

At that time, it was believed to be able to predict all seriousness by means of strictly oriented mathematical models, history, and the tide of battle. The armies of the revolution and later Napoleon have thrown this beautiful mathematical models about the pile and demonstrated in this way may be intangible and moral factors in the reality of the war of vital importance”, so Wirl, science has involved the public opinion under the NAZI regime. On the stock market you could understand how much the economics of social-psychological factors is determined. Although no one on the thoughts to perceive them as an exact image of the economic situation, would be, but nor can deny its importance as an indicator of the economy. With mathematical formalistic models you won’t get very far on the stock exchange. One would lose only money. I know at least no economist who would become rich there because of his theoretical knowledge,”says Wirl. The formal elegance and apparent accuracy of mathematical economics but exerted an irresistible attraction to many scientists.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, she made a breakthrough, for whom are famous names such as Kenneth Arrow and Gerard Debreu also Paul Samuelson in America. This expanded economic welfare theory, argued that a social optimum of economic allocation was predictable and even be planned with mathematical logic. Also in the macroeconomics, which drove the disciples of Keynes, the belief in the control of economic activity and growth prevailed. Consequently, the economic policy advice experienced an upswing, which brought the economic experts in a key role and increased their self-confidence”, so the economic historian Philip Plickert, who pointed out, that this School of thought in Germany had initially no relevance. The social market economy was created first and foremost by the Freiburg School to Walter Eucken and Franz Bohm. Its credo was thinking in systems ‘.