First Page

A99! -Que more? yLlevo guards just in case? "Nothing but the leather bag. Majesty, until the evening. "Until the night. It was. That night, the wise man came to seek the king. Together they scurried up the courtyards of the palace and hid near the house of the page. There they waited for dawn.

When inside the house lit the first candle, the wise man took the bag and attach a paper saying: "This treasure is yours. It is the reward for being a good man. Enjoy and do not tell anyone how you found out" . Then he tied the bag with the role of the servant at the door, knocked and went into hiding. When the page came out, the sage and the king peered from behind a bush what was happening. The servant saw the bag, read the paper, shook the bag and listening to the clang shook, squeezed the bag to his chest, looked everywhere and went into his house. From the outside, heard the bolt on the door and leaned against the window to see the scene.

The servant had thrown everything he had on the table and left only the candle. She sat and had emptied the contents on the table. Her eyes could not believe their eyes. Aera a mountain of gold coins! a l, who had never touched one of these coins, today had a mountain of them for him. The page touched them and piled up, caressed and shone the light of the candle on them.