Financial Market Services

So far, every newly registered ao having in its composition of less than 50 shareholders, must make decisions about who will lead its roster: Under current law, a society has the right either to register themselves or pass it specialized registrar. And in both cases have their attractive sides. With self-administered, the registry is always at hand, and any operation in the registry can be performed directly on the location of the society, the analytical information is available in the management of the issuer at any time, and safe, which stores documents that make up the system of keeping the registry, creates a sense of security and reliability. But, as practice shows, in a separate roster increases the likelihood of violations, set the stage for a conflict of interests within society, and loss of property rights investors. Still fresh in the memory of raider attacks underpinning fake registry, "double" the registry, or simply force the withdrawal from the roster of the most reliable metal enclosure. For this reason, many stock society, by law, have the right to register themselves, prefer to use the services of specialists and passed the registry for storing specialized registrar. However, a considerable number of societies, sure of Security of your storage and qualifications of its staff, has continued to register yourself at your own risk. The situation changed with the release of the Order of the Federal Financial Markets Service on December 27, 2007 07-113/pz-n, which establishes the Additional requirements to issuers engaged in self-maintaining a register of holders of registered securities.