The bacteria that cause gum disease, in some cases are cause of high levels of a substance that is found in the blood that is the C reactive protein which is which produces blood clots in the arteries. Bleeding gums protein rises and clots can travel to the brain. Increase of pathogenic bacteria in the gums, causes vasodilation by entering the body and favor the accumulation of plaques of fat in the arteries and may close the gauge in the coronal arteries, which are that feed the heart, causing heart attacks. NOT LOOK WITH INDIFFERENCE THE HEALTH OF THE GUMS OR LOSE SOMETHING MORE THAN YOUR TEETH. For even more details, read what Salar Kamangar says on the issue. With kidney disease a patient with normal healthy gums, you can have 1,000 bacteria per cubic, but a patient with advanced periodontal disease can have 100 million per cubic millimetre. When there is bacteria in a zone somewhere else in the body means that there has been contamination through the bloodstream, because there is an exaggerated number of bacteria that the body can not combat. If the blood is filtered by the kidneys and has exaggerated amount of bacteria is saturated and becomes contaminated and can give rise to a kidney infection.

BEST is prevent that unfortunate with preterm births the pregnancy is a period of significant changes attributed to hormonal, cardiovascular, hematologic and respiratory disorders, also influencing the emotional factor. All these modifications also influenced somehow on the tissues of the gums, so we see a prevalence of edematous red gums, with tendency to bleeding during brushing or chewing.This gingivitis is attributed to the increase in the levels of two hormones of this period: ESTROGEN and PROGESTERONE; These hormones seem to favor the growth of some microorganisms, including detected the increase of PREVOTELLA INTERMEDIA, which is recognized as bone, periodontal pathogenic bacteria that causes damage to tissues holding at the tooth, and is in direct relation with the increase in progesterone that serves as a nutrient to this organism. The excess of bacteria It makes the body to defend producing INTERLUKINA 6 by fibroblasts, which is an element that helps when the contractions of the uterus, so it was found that it is cause of preterm births, because periodontal disease causes increase in the physiological mediators of labor intramniotica concentration.