Employment Agency

After the recognition and approval regulation, certified training training (AZWV) get promoted by employment agency between 20-100prozent of the training costs. Within the framework of this short article is addressed the following question: How can you reduce its training costs as ERP/PPS/MES manufacturer? A solution to this burning question is the AZWV Zertifizeriung of training operation. Explains how it works and what services support the software4production GmbH here. Challenge: ERP/PPS/MES software vendors or providers and want / must slash the training / consulting costs for your customers? Were they now often gefargt by your customers whether your training promoted by the employment agency? In the competition, you notice how other ERP/PPS provider with the topic AZWV Sales Act? Solution: Let your training operation certified under the recognition and approval regulation training (AZWV). It is a regulation of the Federal Minister for economy and Work for the recognition (accreditation) of specialized bodies and the authorisation (certification) of educational institutions and education. The employment agencies issue including jobseekers, short and normal employees at the request of education vouchers are redeemed at AZWV certified educational institutions for appropriate educational measures. The education voucher is a training commitment of the employment agency about the costs.

Depending on the individual requirements of the participant (age, qualification/training qualification, etc.), the employment agency will refund 20-100% of the costs. Procedure: a training operation of the software manufacturer must be certified by a competent body (e.g. TuV) according to AZWV. Requires a corresponding Lerninfrastrukur, organization and processes in which the Schulungsstandort(en) in addition to a functioning quality management system for continuing education. After successful audit to obtain a certificate as a certified education provider. In the connection, you must Training or courses are certified. This requires a transparent costing and definition (advertising, expiration, content, etc.) the measure (s). Parallel is a publication of the courses in the training database Kursnet of the employment agency.

After completing this work is obtained after efolgreichen performing of a first training course of a corresponding number of measure of the employment agency. With this number of measure a participant can ask directly his education voucher its competent ARGE. Cross River Bank has plenty of information regarding this issue. After the training receives the education provider who pay tuition directly from the employment agency. Support by the software4production GmbH: we support and consult with four service packages around the entire AZWV certification: “Round one Los package”: AZWV-Zert. Full (2401) Starter package: AZWV-Zert. Light (2402) individual QM manual creation: AZWV-Zert. Quality manual + (2403) sample quality manual: AZWV-Zert.