Eduardo Tadao Takahashi

This was plus a factor that contributed for the implementation of the first connection to the Internet in campus II. Thus, it started preparation of the net that would be connected to the Internet. The DSC yielded the computer and the CNPq bought the dedicated canal of communication, to a 9.6 speed of Kbps, for the connection of the UFPB to the RNP. Then, the computers of the DSC, on in net, had been connected to IBM 4381 that it was in the Net Paraibana de Pesquisa (RPP), whose center of operations was in the DSC. This computer was on to other IBM 4381 in the RPP of the UFPB in Joo Person and from there distributed for other Laboratories and Departments. In few months, necessarily in March of 1993, the RNP instituted definitively its Point of Presence in the State of Paraba (POP-PB). Nicolletti professor started to be its coordinator technician, function that he plays until today, and professor Mrio Assad if he became the administrative coordinator, function also played until today. Both had been the responsible ones for managing the service and promoting the dissemination of this net for the UFPB.

Initially, the UFPB in Joo Pessoa and Great Campina were only connected to net exactly thus, with few sectors as some departments and laboratories. With the time, other agencies with PAQTC, FAPESQ, UEPB, ETHER, EMBRAPA and CEFET-PB (Today, IFET-PB) had searched connection forms. The main available and used service in these initial times was the e-mail, very similar to the one of today, however, with little possibilities of multimedia transference of content. Also they were available services of transference of archives, saw ftp, access the remote computers, it saw telnet, and even though it beats papo to it. In 1995 the commercial opening of the Internet in Brazil started. In this period, the Brazilian society started to intensely debate the consequncias of the previsible growth of the use of the net. The Paraba does not run away from this context and in this exactly year, in the Tamba hotel in Joo Person, was carried through a seminary on Internet. Although of regional scope, this was the first public seminary of Internet in Brazil; involving companies, university and professionals of the area. If to have an idea of the importance of the event, participated as lecturer the coordinator of the RNP the professor Eduardo Tadao Takahashi. With the growth of the quarrels in state and national level, the commercial opening of the Internet was if materialize and the connections if they had extended Brazil measures.