Dvd-Players Samsung Dvd-K420 And Dvd-K450

At first glance, the new Samsung DVD-players nothing special, except for an elegant and modern design are no different. But if you look closely, you discover that the inputs for a microphone on the front panel or two, as usual, but three. So, sing along Karaoke with these devices can not only solo and duet, but also as a trio. It is true that with your player has only one microphone, so that friends will come to visit with her. But the karaoke disc not buy more required – it will be in the box.

4000 songs – enough for a long time. Improved system performance assessment makes vocal competitions more exciting and fun. Special processor parses the performed songs and compare them with data coming from the microphone. In addition to hitting the notes, the system evaluates the energy and rhythm and performance. Scoring system operates in several modes, such a team, counting the points three competing bands. Keep in mind: to connect to a TV at these players are just two connectors – SCART and Composite. In addition, the possible elimination of the current account during the execution of that lets move on to change the singing style and improve the results. One of the interesting features karaoke can also note the possibility of launching into a full screen lyrics.

At the height of the function and playback – supported All popular formats of video and audio, including DivX. As the functionality of two models are almost identical, the only significant difference is that DVD-K450 has a USB interface on the front panel – it can be connected to the USB flash drive TRZ music or movies in MPEG4. In our country, players Samsung DVD-K420 DVD-K450 and available at an estimated price of 3490 rubles and 4190. respectively.