Dream Balloon

Dynamics: My dream also can be its N of participants: 10 the 30 The ministrante will have to deliver to the participant empty balloons and a piece of blank paper. In the piece of blank paper to write a dream that it desires to carry through, to place in the empty balloon and later fulling it. Soon after, to initiate the dynamics with a music, the participants will have to play its balloons top and not to leave them to fall, also they must help ones to the others. To the end of music each one must catch a balloon that will be more available (it can be that it catches the balloon of the other). To blow up the balloon that will be in its ownership and to count what it is written (which dream) that it could still be its or of its colleague. Moral: All must be helped mutually, also contributing in the accomplishment of the other people’s dream. This dynamics serves to work democratic management (work in team, project pedagogical politician, meeting of parents and masters, meeting with the pertaining to school community, pedagogical meeting, among others).