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Dragon Data For other uses, see Dragon (disambiguation). Dragon Data was a Welsh company manufacturer of home computers Dragon Dragon 32 and 64, based MC6809E Motorola microprocessor, the SN74LS783/MC6883 Synchronous Address Multiplexer (SAM) and the Motorola 6847 Video Display Generator (VDG). The input / output is carried out two PIAs (Peripheral Interface Adapters) MC6821. Both are pseudoclones the Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer ( “CoCo”), different enough to avoid legal problems, but both based on the same components for Motorola. The Dragon also have additional circuitry to convert the output of the chip NTSC to PAL. A Dragon 32. 1982 Dragon Data was a subsidiary of toy Mettoy.This Motorola England achieved a line of cr and special prices for Motorola chips use only (the English market was virtually divided between Zilog and MOS Technology), licensed with the Extended Microsoft BASIC (which takes full advantage of the chips and helps avoid legal problems, rewriting all the tokens) and thanks to its distribution network manages to place the computer in the chain Boots. In October 1982 Mettoy finances were not going very buoyant. If banks provide the necessary funding to expand the production line of the Dragon everything would be solved, but they refused. Dragon Data’s address by Tony Clarke, persuades several lenders to refinance Dragon Data. Thus Mettoy is with 15.5 , the Welsh Development Office with 23 and Pru-tech (high technology division of British insurer Prudential Insurance) package with a 42 higher.As part of the agreement with the Welsh Development Bureau, the production moves to a larger factory abandoning of Mettoy (whose failure will contribute to the fall of the toy), 1983 starts well. Following the Christmas campaign has sold some 40,000 Dragon 32, Dragon Data is the largest private company in Wales, and chains Spectrum, Dixons and Comet had joined Boots. Some experts argue that it should improve the design of plate to compete with the Commodore 64 and Spectrum, but receive a small allocation, it is not in the plans to compete on price. In March, they plan to spend from 5,000 to 10,000 Dragons every week, it was naive to pretend that it would maintain the level of Christmas sales, but eventually helped to extend the range of hard, and new accessories are planned. A simple floppy drive face with the operating system OS / 9 Microware is pertende launch for 275 in April. Also planned expansion to 64 Kb, two RS-232C and a 80-column card.It is also defined a computer to compete with the BBC Micro and other to compete for the market the IBM / Sirius April came with a late drive, which favors Premier Microsystems offering that takes months to Dragon, Dragon Data is at that time facing a problem that Premier already been fixed. It reaches an agreement with Tano Corporation of New Orleans to distribute the Dragon 32 in EE. UU., Which contributes to Tandy declines to exercise that legal action (Tandy CoCo no patent in England and ended the trial when both machines would already be outdated). Dragon Launches User, a magazine that specializes in Dragon. In May it announced a change of motherboard to extend to 64 KB serial interface and give it for 75, but the replacement concrete finishers by Dragon plate 64. this prevents inconsistencies and having to maintain two product lines. Definitely closed the deal with Tano, responsible for distribution in USA, Canada and the Caribbean.He has chosen to have experience in maritime automation equipment based on 6809, and for distributing its own clone of the Apple II (designed in Holland and manufactured in Korea). The Dragon 64 manufacturing facilities in USA will sell for 399. 4,000 potential distributors 400-500 are selected (which will be expanded to 1500 when the weekly production will increase to 2,000 machines per week) In August the Dragon 64 is beginning to sell for 399 in USA and 225 in England. But the American manual is improved, including spreadsheet, mail-merge and word processor Telewriter 64. It was publicly justified by lower costs by not having to adapt to PAL video signal. But otherwise identical machines. Tano starts designing with the new Dragon Dragon Data 128, which will have 128 KB, two processors 6809, numeric keypad and you can choose to boot OS / 9. The bad decisions made over-spend bill and agrees to Tony Clarke to resign.It calls on GEC (General Electric Company, England’s largest power with interests in defense and satellites, among others) to provide a new executive, and so does (not surprising since Prutech is one of the largest shareholders of GEC). The delay in the disk drive is used by Cumana to launch its own unit, with Delta as a system disk.