According to Manzini (2008, p.32) to speak in support it is practically the same that to speak in diversity, that is, it is necessary to promote the variety. The performance of designer must then be to protect, but not only to propagate the biological, cultural and social diversity. This implies then in a new form of use of resources, searching technologies that promote the reduction of wastefulness, optimizing the functionality of the project using to advantage and improving already the existing one, thus minimizing the ambient interventions and impacts. How much to the moving one of the partner-cultural diversity, designer and the empresariado one the importance of the local artisan products, the local culture must be attempted against, requalificando social values, thus fortifying a mesh of social net where the personal abilities are stimulated, constructing citizens more critical-reflexives playing a basic paper inside of the support. To promote the diversity ambient is to become the qualified company to reduce the necessity of the new, that is, to develop forms of industrial ecology where it has a cycle of use of the necessary materials for the development of the product. To use system of solar energy, not to opt to materials with great ambient or comprovadamente harmful impact to the health human being. (MANZINI, 2008 p.34) the current marketing vision is reflected direct of the so marcante and commented globalization. But which implication of this fact for the support? The reply it is well simple, the globalization it diminishes the cultural diversity, it diminishes the partner-economic diversity what it stimulates the overconsumption in which design has basic paper in the use of medias having objective of increase of sales and stimulates to the consumption of products that in many cases do not become necessary..