Distrito Federal

There are different wineries in income D.F. which handle dimensions and spaces especially created to meet your needs. You will find the commercial Winery in rent adapted to their needs. You should not worry if once you have entered all your belongings to wineries for rent realizes that bodegas for rent are very large or small to what you need. You can adapt your space even after being hired. What do I need to rent the D.F. wineries? To hire the service of rent of warehouses must be at least 18 years of age, having some identification official (passport, license, identification card, passport, among others), also must comply strictly with the payment of a deposit and timely monthly payments. Do I require my own padlock to rent cellar D.F.? Once you hire the service of rent of warehouses in Mexico City you will be entitled to a lock and key system for your wine cellar, likewise to reinforce the safety of your belongings can take or request a lock for door cellars D.F.

Most of the companies that are devoted to rent a warehouse they offer ultra sale security locks, there are different sizes and prices. In the cellars is there parking? The majority of companies engaged in bodegas for rent Distrito Federal have compulsorily parking this for loading and unloading of furniture removals, is important to facilitate the flow of their properties. Who, how and when can I pay service of warehouses for rent? Revenue Service Winery D.F must pay in advance monthly, usually has as limit a day later than the date in which I make the first payment. You can make the payment directly with the company’s cellars D.F. If so always ask for proof of payment, another option is through electronic transfer or bank payment. How to maintain my articles on wineries in Mexico City? Firstly it is important to go at least once a month to detect the status of your belongings, especially when it is delicate material. Very few people care about climate living in cellars income, which is important since through this you can determine the durability of their belongings such as paper, electronic or fabric. You should periodically remove dust from your belongings to prevent moth. With Juaro storage information