In our life in line we have abierto too many streams in our space that feels that we have bitten more than we can chew. Years ago back it was necessary to use the telephone to be in contact with the enemy with somebody. You can do now it through twitter, email, MSN, Facebook, Google Talk, commentaries in some blog or forums, to only name some. The majority of those automatic services has alert. That it happens.

A small icon or window are abre, it remains blinking and it seizes of our attention. It is necessary to be disconnected stops in being connected with same you and to finish pending either by the simple fact producing the more. You need enfocarte to complete tasks. You need a project be-of-line. The project to survive disconnected Then, to be productive and to have time to check to twitter or the instantaneous messenger you need to have a project. The idea is to maximize the time in line using most of the times being disconnected, especially in the work.

The trick is to disconnect the network cable either the wireless card in times or defined. Time intervals 9 to 9:30: In line. Email, the news, to twitter. 9:30 to 11:30: Disconnected, to focus and to work. 11:30: In line. To check email, available in the instantaneous messenger, to socialize. It repeats after the hour of food. 13:00 to 13:30: Things in line. 13:30 to 17:30: Disconnected. 18:00 to 18:30: Things in line, time of departure. It fits east plan to your schedule, and there we go. Not more lost time in Youtube or in Facebook. This also educates your fellow workers thus know that to hope of you. It is not necessary to be pressing the button of ” To send and recibir” in order to respond important electronic post office that they are estan to go away to the hole. Your companions will know that only you go to be connected in a certain time. If something is really important most probable it is than they call to you and this helps you to identify in ordering the things that really are important. The benefits to be disconnected: * You eliminate the interupciones and distractions of the email, Twitter, instantaneous messenger, the news and more. * It give you space for enfocarte and to work. * You obtain time to innovate. * You can read, already you know, books. * You can obtain much more. * It give to a space for tomarte a time of rest and liberarte you of stress. * You can look for tranquillity and peace in your mind.