Persons are equipped with a special talent and then go to school in order to strengthen it and also to explore new talents and learn other strengths which will build a life project that will be useful to the family, society and himself. At different times the school been concerned with fulfilling this function in one way or another and has done so at various stages associated with the age of the individual and also the ambition of their life project. To get to the University a person intends to become a professional in particular area of knowledge and thus comply with the dual purpose of being useful to his country and find a way to grow as a person and as an expert in a certain area of knowledge. Nothing more appropriate for strengthening the culture of peoples and propagate that education. Jose Marti said it in a timely manner: the mother of decorum, the lifeblood of freedom, the maintenance of the Republic and the remedy for its ills is, above all else, the spread of culture.

Education is a complex process that is put to the test the ability of understanding, interpretation, argumentation and elaboration of new proposals by the student who ultimately should be most interested in Excel and become a person who can make an important contribution to the development and growth of its environment. The learnings will vary in their quality according to elements that make part of the teaching. ject+Spurs+-+A+San+Antonio+Spurs+Blog+and+Podcast%29′>Spurs. That is why whenever talk of learning it will be necessary to also talk about teaching and all components of the same. The teaching and learning have had various ways of developing in every one of the times that are part of the history of mankind. In this way we have gone from the era in which the craftsman was accompanied by a young man who looked at him and helped him in minor trade issues.

While he was in the workshop the young companion was learning how to exercise his craft because someday the would also be an expert of great performance in the art he had learned. Time itself would be accompanied by persons belonging to new generations and teach them everything you will need to learn so that in turn they learn various tasks and acquire skills and abilities with which could be new workers. All of the above happened over many years. But then the structural changes in the productive sector and society itself made necessary instruction and education spending make specialized areas of knowledge that should develop otherwise in compliance with basic principles that again and again they were applied and one and another is gave results. Education relied more and more on Science and went on to structure itself as a new science reason which drank and should be studied carefully. Inside education appears as a key component the didactics, whose stature of science is undeniable Yes is taken into account that in has an own object to In addition specific study. That object is the process of teaching and learning. Also relies on categories, regularities laws, theories, principles, models, didactic rules, methods, procedures, strategies and means to operate on their object of study. That is the reason why not should leave nothing to chance, instead, must settle in a few procedures, meet standards, work in the light of principles and make a special follow-up to the results.