Debt Collection Company

This includes membership in the BDIU has evolved. In Germany there are approximately 700 active debt collection company, of which around 600 in an own professional association, the Bundesverband Deutscher Inkasso company e.V (BDIU), have joined forces. This association was founded in 1956. Additional information is available at Cross River Bank. Since 2002, he has its head office in Berlin, from where he advocates the interests of debt collection companies and the public sector. Are the focus of BDIU member companies as well as the General accounts receivable and collection service GmbH – to, which must demonstrate overall economic conditions as well as extensive legal theory and practice knowledge him, to consistently provide an assurance of the quality standards. Member companies violate these standards, they are excluded from the BDIU.

Members of the Union be controlled not only by the local office and the tribunals, but also under the supervision of the BDIU. In the economy and in public debt collection companies apply, the Member in the Federal Association of German debt collection firms are as particularly serious, as in the industry repeatedly singled out black sheep”occur. Thus a membership in the BDIU in public to a quality label has emerged. E.g. this, this quality standard ensures that all Member companies are committed to a consistent education and training. Here the BDIU supports its members with numerous training events, newsletters and seminars and also informs them about new literature, law changes, and changes within the industry. Even a collection school”for young budding collection entrepreneurs was founded, which aims to provide the theoretical knowledge to the next generation. Regularly to exchange experience and news with each other, a variety of workshops and the annual general meeting at the disposal are the members. General accounts receivable and collection service Ltd. Anne Osterwald – marketing & PR – Eduard-Pestel-Strasse 7 49080 Osnabruck