Climbing Tower

Such a playground with swings for children is a great place to play. There are such Aussenspielgerate in different sizes, made of wood or plastic. The latter is much smaller and is more prepared for infants, but can be also built up inside it. In the case of the wood finish, you must ensure that they are well painted and like twice a year with preservatives in order to ensure the protection from the weather. These follow the instructions of the wood preservative severe (respiratory protection, etc.) In addition – and more importantly – the safety of children paramount.

In the wood, you must look at smooth surfaces (Not for regrinding in between himself again) to prevent chipping especially on the children's reach areas. A flat surface for the climbing frame with swing is a prerequisite to obtain a guaranteed tip over. This will certainly not least through a firm anchoring – ideally with the help of a Betongussflache below the basic strains And anchoring screws, which are usually included in the delivery of Aussenspielgerates guaranteed. It is also advisable to build the playground with swings, either by the experts who supplied it, or consult friends and family. Alone or in pairs, the building through the sometimes very heavy wooden beams with little or no deal with. The latter obviously makes more fun, and the price is usually a barbecue or a dinner, as has every bit of it. Such a playground with swings you get in almost any hardware store or in stores for Aussenspielgerate. You can be advised on, ask for free.