City Weissenburg

Kath. Others including Click here, offer their opinions as well. Church puts Dienstaufsichtbescherde at the District Office may still claim is aimed at White Castle, July 01, 2011 – as in the City Council meeting on June 30 was announced, the Catholic Church Foundation of St. Willibald has filed a complaint with the District Office. This does not lead to success, a lawsuit against the city Weissenburg is aimed at. Why? The city Weissenburg has refused to accept a portion of the deficit generated at the Catholic kindergarten. And this runs counter to the legal bases according to the kindergarten carrier so the Catholic Church. Except this, that the town as well as the free State of Bavaria participates in the cost of the kindergartens.

A scale of assessment, based on the occupancy numbers is based on the amount of financial support. It has also made the city. The basic value of this calculation key ceiling but, despite more economical operation, not all costs, explained the Church Foundation. Like the To apply the law in this case actually is, so far do not definitively settled. Because currently there are only occasionally individual agreements to the pro-rata to complete acquisition of deficit between individual municipalities and free sources. Should actually occur to the process, the verdict of the pattern process would be in the future for all kindergartens with free sponsorship to apply and valid throughout Bavaria. We will report further. Uwe da Silva