Choosing Childrens Furniture

What color and what materials should be children's furniture? As the color of furniture affect the mental development of children? What design can suppress his creativity? As far as the furniture must be stable, firm, streamlined, dear, at last? For answers to these questions, we collected the 'expert advice' from the three mothers of different ages of children. Which allowed us a new and unusual angles to consider the problem of choosing children's furniture. What, in your opinion, the most important to consider when choosing baby furniture? Maxim – journalist Sasha – a potential buyer, mother, son, three years, I would have paid attention to quality and safety: the furniture should be no sharp corners. I personally do not accept bunk beds: I do not consider it safe. No matter how much technology has been developed or still is the height, the child may be injured. Texture coating is important because the baby is touched, should probuetMebel be pleasing to the eye, should approach the Child ku in size and height, so that he was comfortable, it's – his world.

Oksana – family psychologist: Previously there were no special children's room, just stood out a corner, where they hung a cradle. And now in the culture appeared furniture that is specially made for children. Indeed, it is important to remember safety: clean glass, sharp angles. Well, when the furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials that the child was breathing pure vozduhom.Ya have insisted that the baby was smaller rugs, there was no such tissues, which can cause allergies – it satisfies a basic need for security. It seems to me that furniture should be mainly light, it should be able to share the space sector: a place to sleep, a place to practice and play space. These important aspects of the child should not be mixed. Irina – Director General of OOO 'Rusinter' manufacturer of baby furniture: Can I, as a manufacturer, to establish the demand, which we actually observe and actively exploring.