Therefore, you should not open pouch and remove the camera as long as it does not warm up to room temperature. If the camera fell into the water, especially in the marine, you should immediately remove the batteries (disconnect phone) and dried. After that you should go to a specialized repair shop for cleaning camera printed circuit boards and other nodes camera special solutions to prevent further corrosion. When removing the camera from its case or bag, so it must be taken not to touch the surface of the lens with your fingers and viewing glass viewfinder. Insert the memory card should take special care and 100% confidence that the memory card set in the proper direction. Do not insert a memory card with important photographs in digital devices such as PDAs. Some models of PDAs, smartphones and communicators can format the card "for themselves", which will lead to the loss of your pictures and the need to restore data, with special programs and services.

To power the camera using only regular batteries. In cameras, where the power supply uses standard batteries, as a rule, the type AA (fingers) or AAA (thin fingers) Avoid using cheap batteries. They have little energy, and most camera models with the power supplies are not included in general or for a short time. Energy of the battery enough for only a few shots. In addition, the tightness of the housing quality is low, and electrolyte leak out of these batteries are quite aggressive and can lead to irretrievable loss of the device. Use only staff Chargers (ZU). Avoid the use of chargers such as quick charge (fast charge), since they charge the batteries non-standard current, which significantly reduces their life span. Remove the batteries from the camera, if you do not plan to use it in the near future. Proper use of the camera is reduced, mainly to comply with instructions, careful, and careful handling. Violation of these rules leads to the most serious damage to the device. The practice of repairing cameras shows that most malfunctions caused by these circumstances.